Thermo Regulatory Genetics Limited (TRG) is a new company formed in 2018. The company purchased the breeding programme from Dairy Solutionz (NZ) Limited and has injected capital to globalize the tropical bull team. The 250 animal NZ breeding nucleus, that has animals that have been milked in New Zealand since 2011 spans several different bloodlines from US Holstein, to Crossbreed to Jersey, to allow development and selection of the best fit genetics for the farming systems and relative degree of heat stress of its tropical farming clients. The slick gene is present in several dairy clusters around the world, in NZ, USA, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania and Mozambique. Thermo Regulatory Genetics Limited has lead the development of the slick nucleus in many of these markets and offers an outcross for those with established herd momentum. Thermo Regulatory Genetics Limited owns the worlds first Homozygous dairy cross breed bulls born in 2015, Pathos, Eros and Himeros, and owns the worlds largest and most diverse Homozygous bull team genotypes for future farmer confidence in the breeding developmen. [more information]