Key Partners


Landcorp Farming

owns or leases 346,500 ha of land. With 112 properties and 1.6 million stock units, we are one of New Zealand’s largest farming organisations. We manage, develop and farm land of all types, from sub tropical Northland to cool temperate climate Southland.

Landcorp’s skilled and experienced farm managers and farm staff are supported by “in house” specialists in farm business management, animal genetics, agronomy and animal science with links into university and research organisations. Landcorp is a fully integrated corporate farming business operating with up to date technology and skilled staff.



Waikato Miking Systems

Waikato Milking Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of dairy technology. A world-class business with a focus on innovation, performance and durability its products are known for delivering results for farmers while being exceptionally easy to use. Waikato Milking Systems engineers complexity out of milking solutions, their robustness making for systems that stand the test of time.

The company is continually creating new technology to save farmers time and money in the dairy industry, whether they be small family-based farming businesses or intensive 24-hour milking operations – both in New Zealand and around the world.


Livestock Improvement Corporation

LIC is a world-leading Dairy Herd Improvement organisation providing genetics, information and advice. We are continually developing the very best genetics for pastoral dairying, incorporating advanced semen processing techniques and a nationwide artificial insemination service. Operating the largest herd improvement milk analysis laboratory in the world, we also offer high volume DNA, animal disease and eradication testing services. We are a leading provider of specialist herd management software and operate a large dairy farm management consultancy, with specialist advice on sustainability planning.


Gallagher Group 

Focusing on the Animal Management Systems and Security systems markets, the Gallagher Group comprises an impressive portfolio of companies.

The companies draw on the Group's core competencies in research and development, manufacturing, marketing and asset management to deliver enhanced systems and products to an extensive international distribution network.


Read Industrial - Milking Systems. 

Reed Industrial have been associated with the Dairy industry for over 85 years.  During that time they have built a reputation amongst farmers as being a leader in supplying top quality milking equipment, their reliability is second to none! 

Their clients include 4th generation farmers.    They are able to supply both Herringbone and Rotary Milking Systems to suit all types of designs and sizes of farm dairies.   



Together with their customers, TetraPak makes food safe and available, by providing the best possible processing and packaging solutions for food.
 They work with customers and suppliers to deliver the best solutions wherever and whenever food is consumed. They supply hundreds of different types of carton packaging and also develop state-of-the-art processing solutions and design and service complete plants.




rml are designers and manufacturers of quality erecting, packing and closing machinery and providers of end of line automation solutions.

rml has years of experience in packaging all manner of products - frozen, powdered, in a sachet, carton, block, and can or bottle. 


Dairy Technology Services

DTS provides farmers with cost effective and efficient solutions to their refrigeration needs. A specialist call centre team is available to resolve customer queries daily. Products include:

  • comprehensive range of refrigeration units
  • heat recovery units
  • vat insulation wraps
  • alarms
  • water chillers
  • cooling towers
  • thermometers and multimeters; maintenance contracts and service checks


NDA Engineering

Australasia's leading fabricator of large stainless steel process vessels and other equipment, NDA also supplies on-site services for their customers.

Manufacturing stainless steel plant for the food and chemical industries is NDA's core business, and they also supply proprietary equipment and site management services.

NDA has carried out projects in Europe, Asia and the Americas and have established excellent working relationships with quality partners in those regions.

PGG Wrightson

NZ's largest provider to the agricultural sector, PGGW offers a wide range of products, services and solutions to farmers, growers and processors in NZ, and to processors and end-users internationally.

They have growing operations in Australia and South America, and have assets and annual turnover each exceeding NZ$1 billion.

Products and Services include livestock, wool, seeds, animal nutrition, farm supplies, finance, real estate, insurance, irrigation, and training.


The Waikato Institute of Technology is the region's polytechnic, servicing 16,000 students through more than 150 programme offerings.

Wintec will supply on-farm, distance and e-training solutions to our clients.

Terminus Technologies Limited

Terminus Technologies is an information technologies company specializing in software development and services. Our software products are used in dairy, beef, agriculture, telecommunications, trading, education and health industries. We provide software development, integration and support services on the turnkey basis to our clients worldwide.